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Longevity Crystal 500 mg

Longevity Crystal®


      Formulated by Arthur H.K. DJang, M.D.

Super Herbal Supplement for Rejuvenation

Everyone desires to live longer, be healthier and enjoy life.
Supplement your diet with Longevity Crystals.

  Antioxidants are extremely helpful for balancing the defense systems of our bodies.
 Remember the inner body which is kept clean, stays clean.

Remember Gramma's  Garden 

Herbal supplements have been used as a
compliment to health for years.

We strongly recommend purchasing educational material for the
safe selection of herbal products most suited for each individual's need.

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Longevity Crystals® Product Detail

 60 Count Bottle / 500 mg. Per Tablet

Recommended Dosage

Take one tablet twice daily or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner.



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